Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BVC Sprint Clinic - mini competition

Some practice doing Match Sprints tonight... Fun but I do suck at them big time... :-)

We did a flying 200m (13.5)... And then three match sprints plus one rematch..

I decided to try the first two using a 84" gear (51x16). Lost both... to Scott and Emil.

Upgraded to my more typical 89" gear (51x15), won two... against Paul and Scott..

Probably not exactly scientific.... but...

I'm skipping RaceTheRidge this weekend. I want to focus on MayDays which is the week after... So a little less hammering on the road (which is what RTR RR would have been...) and see if I can do some more nights at the track... Get the legs back into track shape..

MayDays will have a two day B Endurance Ominium, plus on Sunday a UCI Ominium (flying 200, kierin, pursuit, scratch and points...) Good practice for the Track Nationals.

The Track Nationals will have two medal events this year. A Sprint and Endurance Ominium, each with three events. My focus will be the Endurance Omnium, points, scratch and 2km pursuit... I should be able to do well in all three events. I will need lots of practice with the pursuit. It is long enough to match my strengths... But to do well requires not only pacing it well but getting the individual parts of it right, including being very aero...