Sunday, April 5, 2009

TT Practice - L3/L4

Traffic marshall at the EV Aldegrove RR today... lots of fun..

Since it was a nice day and the Aldergrove course is right next to the Zero Ave TT course (aka BCMCA 16K TT and from the other end WarpSpeed 22K TT) I dragged the TT bike along so that I could check everything out...

Had a nice run out and back... about 24 minutes for the 16km out and back. Not world beater pace but I wasn't pushing hard. Just L3/L4 pace.

Then I drove over to the River Road 11K TT course (EV Spring Series, next week.) Pre-rode that as well. Pretty good time, 16:24. Which is not actually a bad time. With luck I can do under 16:00 next weekend.

This year Race The Ridge is using a new TT course... They used the Golden Ears park road for the last few years... This year they had to move the Crit from downtown Haney (construction interfering) and decided to use the Pitt Meadows Airport roads... So instead of Harris Roubaix RR (which was cancelled this year) we have the Harris Roubaix Crit (about 1km on the dike..!!!) And the TT starts by the airport and follows the Ford Road circuit...

About 8km out and back... pancake flat, but with nine turns in each direction... The good news is I'll be able to get out and get lots of practice... and I could almost ride it blindfolded now. But still... NINE turns... in EACH direction.. The longest straight sections are 1 mile each.


Mark said...

Is there a BCMCA TT on the mainland this year? I just checked their website and couldn't find any.