Sunday, May 18, 2008

BCMCA Deep Cove RR - distant 3rd

Distant 3rd today... as in I got dropped lap 8 of 10. The pace of this race was a bit faster this year. And given a set of heavy legs from yesterdays hill climb, I was struggling.

This is a fairly short course, about 6.6 km. With a 500m climb at 6.5%. I was climbing this at over 400 watts in about 1:20. And typically getting a little more gapped each time. After this climb there is a nice descent followed by another 500m climb at about 4.5%. Each time I was able to get back to the pack on the descent and then even get past them on the second climb.

The 40 year old pack caught us at the top of the climb on lap 7. And the next time around they went up just that little bit faster while I was going just a little bit slower... and the gap was too big to bridge back on the descent. Jerry van Ganz and Don Shaw managed to hang on I think to the end for the 50-54 group. And I think Derek Tripp, Mike Sevcov and Duane Martindale for the 55-59 group.

Still a fun ride. We parked at Tsawwassen Ferry terminals and went to Shwartz Bay as foot pasengers and then rode 10 minutes to get to the race. The weather was very nice, a balmy 20 degrees Celsius. So very pleasant all around.