Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Heritage Intervals - 5x3 L5

Was supposed to do 5x3 minutes at L5 (about 350 watts Pavg) with high cadence (90). Felt reasonably strong so did the last three reps to a full 5 minutes.

CTL is at an all time high (only barely reached 90 last year and only for perhaps one day...) TSB from the climb is still negative (especially after double race days like last weekend...) but I think overall I'm starting to feel better. The intervals today where quite comfortable. And even though the weekend was a big work load I actually felt good both yesterday and today...

I'm going to have to see what I can do in a 10k ITT. Either a test 10k on Neaves Road or failing that the VeloVets 10k a week on Saturday. My best efforts in that distance (under 15 minutes) last year where about 350 watts Pavg. I'm probably not quite back to there but I'd like to see how close I am.