Saturday, May 17, 2008

BCMCA Mount Seymour HC - 49:21

Very hot, which I think may explain the slow time. I did this two years ago in 48:25 with lower Pavg (280 then, 320 today..) Also different power meters (Polar then, Ergomo now.)

Still I was the first 50-54 to finish. And only one other person over 50 (although he was over 60!!) was ahead. I think about 10th overall. I'll summarize results later when they are posted.

I rode the TT bike with Aero helmet. The helmet may have been a mistake given the heat. But I remain convinced that I can put out more power on the TT bike. Felt very comfortable all the way up.

There is one stretch in the top third where the grade lowers to about 4-5% and I was able to pull past several other riders who could not maintain the speed as they where not as aero.

Overall, 12.3 km, 854m elevation gain, 6.9% average grade.


Bill Riley said...


Good work. I wish I had been there to beat you. I'm pretty sure I would be faster on my road bike simply becasue I have so much more climbing experience on it. However, I will try climbing it on my tt bike later this summer and let you know how it goes. I get a few more chances to race this climb this year and still plan to break 45:00.

Bill Riley