Sunday, May 25, 2008

BCMCA Nanaimo Road 33k ITT

Another park-n-ride, up at 4:20, ferry at 6:30... arrived at venue with 20 minutes to spare.

This is a very nice ITT course, the only criticism being that there is perhaps too much climbing. But even the climbing is done in short bursts. Overall about 280m of elevation gain, about 180m out and 100m back. Otherwise, a nicely paved road, no debris, little traffic, rural setting...

The course is generally up on the way out. With possibly the worst (steepest but short) climb being just after the turn-around on the way back.

I managed 50:07 with Pavg at 298 watts, NPavg 306. Which was not bad given the RR effort yesterday and the general lack of sleep etc. Heading up the first climb, about 100m after the start my legs where saying what the f*ck... But after a few minutes I managed to get them going.

Michel Pelletier started one minute back and managed to catch me just before the turn around, but I managed to stay very close to him all the way back (he is stronger on the uphill, I'm slightly advantaged on the flat/downhill...) It was nice to have a carrot 200m ahead. He finished in just under 49:00.

Don Gilmore started (I think) three minutes back. And finally caught me with about 5km to go. It was like being passed by a semi-trailer... I swear the turbulence pushed me over a half meter :-) He finished in under 47 minutes..

I started one minute back of Duane Martindale. But never did manage to make much time against him. I think he was 50:11. It must have been the Zipp disk!

Being familiar with the course will help. The next time I'll be able to take advantage of some of the dips and not have to worry about a couple what appear to be blind downhill corners. Generally there are no downhill sections that can't be ridden down on the aero-bars. Just one or two spots where you can't quite tell that.

I also did the race on the Bontrager Aeolus 5.0's which where not optimal for this course (heavier and not as aero). The 6.5 Aeolus's would have been better and the Zipp disk as well. But I didn't want to commute over from the ferry on those (the 5.0's are clinchers so less of a problem on the road if you flat.)