Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heritage - Hour of Power - 12x2:30 L5

Heritage Hour of Power... 

This is my 2km loop 2 blocks away from home... roughly 1/3 up at 7%, 1/3 flat and 1/3 down... five minutes per loop. Repeat 12 times. Target is >350 watts, L5, on the uphill portion for 2:40 (best) and 2:55 (end)..

By coincidence the uphill correspondes very nicely to a 2km TT or Pursuit on the track... Start with 20-30 seconds > 400 and then complete 2 additional minutes > 350 watts...  Assuming of course I can translate this to fixed gear AND practice the standing start, transition to aero, etc... the overall power should allow for a reasonable time... I'm hoping to get close to 2:30 for next years Canadian Track Nationals (which we are hosting here..)