Saturday, September 27, 2008

VVV Wiltshire 160km

This was postponed from last week due to rain... so thought I would give it a try and see if my shoulders would last...

Michel, Dino and I started about a half hour after the main VVV group with the specific goal of doing a fast 32-32 km/h ride for the 160km.

First half to Timmy's in Abbotsford was ok... About half way through the second half though my shoulders started getting very sore. 

Michel did most of the work and we maintained a good pace. That at least meant less time suffering :-) The painful shoulders are strictly a function of time on the bike... so overall five hours on the bike at 32km/h was less painful than six at 28km/h...

Unfortunately I managed to leave the Ergomo in it's charging station... So TSS is an estimate... I figured 50-60 points per hour, or about 300. Last time I did two years ago I did more work at the front, but lower overall pace... and got 325 .. so hopefully not an unreasonable estimate.