Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SFU via Barnett - 10x1m high cadence drills

Out to SFU via Barnett, doing 10 one minute high cadence drills. These where supposed to be at random power so the rolling highway was suitable. I think I managed to do over 110 average RPM for each interval. I still get the bouncing in the saddle syndrome about 122-125... 

Followed that with some L4 climbs (10 minutes and then 5 minutes) up to SFU and then home.


Mark said...

A year ago I was about where you are right now: bouncing around 125. This year I am bouncing around 135-140. 2 things I have done differently this year:
1. my spin drills focus on getting the cadence faster and increasing during a shorter interval (say 30 seconds) rather than 1 min holding the cadence relatively constant. As soon as bouncing happens, I back off, take a break and start again.
2. I did single legged spins and realized that my right leg can spin at a higher rate than my left. So I do a bit more on my left.

BTW, got confirmation that my 10 min power is 263. Will do my tests but all the estimation I did this year is in range.

Hope this helps