Friday, September 19, 2008

Legally Speaking with Bob Mionske - Readers' thoughts on road rage

Bob Moskie had an excellent set of columns this summer documenting and commenting on some of the Road Rage incidents that made the news this summer.

One of the problems with our sport is that when you put in a 1000+ kilometers a month training on the urban road system you do end up getting passed by jerks (they are the ones that pass by too fast, too close and think it is funny to honk loudly in your left ear) or be cut off by idiots who don't understand that you simply cannot stop a bike going > 30km/h like you can a car with disc brakes.

But it rarely helps to get angry it these types... so try and keep your cool and smile when you catch up with them at the next set of lights... At least occasionally it may help them think twice the next time...