Friday, March 13, 2009

BVC Racing - 4th in A/B 5x10 Points!!

Didn't (don't) feel that great tonight.. Either an incipient head cold or an allergy attack. Slight headache, twitchy / runny nose most of the week... And hard to get motivated...

Anyway, signed up for B-group tonight.. But only seven A's and seven B's.. so ended up with A/B races anyway.. :-(

First was a 3x10 Points... fast, furious and I was out the back... 

Next was a 20 lap Scratch... Ended up leading the pace line at about lap 7 (13 to go)... what the hell, wasn't going to win anything anyway, so just stayed there for 6 laps.. With 7 to go, pulled up and all hell broke loose... Kirk Obee attacked and Dave Kosick and I just dropped of the back, got lapped with 2 to go.. 

Final race was a 5x10 Points... which was finally long enough for me to do something :-) 

Managed to stay with the breaks mostly. Took a 4th in the first sprint. Mike Laxdale helped to pull me back into the front group after the 2nd sprint. After that it was a small group of five, Kirk Obee, Matt DeLuco, Mike Roethengatter, Bruce Denis and myself. 

Stayed with them to the bitter end. Luckily it was a small group by then. And I managed to get two 4ths... and then in the final sprint, following Bruce Denis's wheel, managed to get over him to lead out the sprint in the last two thirds lap... with Matt Deluco and Kirk Obee getting over me for 1st and 2nd respectively. I took 3rd, Mike Roethengatter taking 4th.

That got me a 4th place overall.

The hardest sprint of the night was sprint 3 in the points race... fast and hard..
Sprint 3 - 4th:
Duration:   0:19
Work:       11 kJ
Distance:   296 m
                                Min  Max Avg
Power:       280  752   560 watts
Heart Rate:   176   186   182 bpm
Cadence:     107   132   123 rpm
Speed:       48.4  60.4 56.0 kph