Saturday, March 7, 2009

Doug Preston - RIP 1957-2009

A very good friend, Doug Preston, was killed cycling, by an oncoming car crossing into his lane on a hill  two weeks ago. We had a memorial service for him on Thursday that was very well attended. It's taken me a few weeks to try and contemplate on how I could do a blog post for him.

Doug was one of my primary role model's and mentors for racing at the track. When I started racing at the Velodrome he was a constant figure, my age, showing that we can continue to do well and be competitive.  He was always helpful and full of tips. I can't remember how many times he reminded me to push down to the left in the curves to get the best time.

Like me he used a power meter to help push himself and stay at the top of his game. We shared a sense of what type of gear to buy (Ergomo, Giro helmot, Cervelo frames, Zipp wheels.) He was also a role model showing that you have to give back to the sport, by helping to put on races. His most recent was Warp Speed Time Trial, sponsored originally by Team Soliton and then by Escape Velocity. Suggesting of course that joing Escape would be the best way for me to do the same.

While I was a bit better in the long run at the track he was far better than me on the road. I could never keep up with him in a road race. He was aggresive and smart in the pack. Almost always right near the front. A role model for me that continues.

The very last email I had from him a few days before he was killed was a discussion about training for this years racing.

Here is a good slide show about Doug with narration by Cam Finnigan.

Doug Preston - RIP 1957 - 2009