Friday, April 4, 2008

Anmore Tour - L3

Another slowish, cold, damp day. Hard to get speed up either uphill or down.

Weather for the weekend looks bad. So the consensus is to get rained on for free locally. We'll do the Pacific Populaire on Sunday. The forecast is slightly better and at least we haven't spent a couple hundred bucks in gas and ferry fees to get over to the Lake Cowichan RR.

From a training perspective the Populaire is better anyway. We are going to try and do it (100km) in 2:50. It is an "urban" ride. Lots of traffic, street crossings and some hills. So that's a fairly aggressive goal. The best recent time was 2004, a group finished in 2:52. Michel finished with a small group last year in 2:57.

So it should be a three (almost) hour ride at L3+.