Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Neaves Road - 6x6m

More TT drills. 6x6 minutes, starting flat out. Managed to do flat out for the first three at least. The first two managed about 45-50 seconds flat out, the third managed about 450 watts for one minute. But then couldn't do the rest of the TT drill :-( So the last three where just done as moderate 6 minute L3 type intervals.

(N.B. not sure what went wrong with the excel spreadsheet, the TSS was about 89... ignore the graphic.)


Colin Griffiths said...

Very interesting! I've been doing 5x5mins and creeping up on the watts each week, 111%,112%,113% etc and holding power for the full 5mins. I have ssen an improvement in my ability to hold higher 20mins power. I'm curious to know what you think these intervals will do for you ~ road race attacks maybe?

Stuart Lynne said...

Two things. First to push/pull FTP up. Which will make TT performance better. Second to "raise the left". As in the left two columns of the Power Profile, 5sec and 1min. I'm creeping slowly out of "Untrained" and into "Cat 5" according to the labels... And really would like them to be in Cat 4.

Colin Griffiths said...

Thanks for the answer.