Sunday, April 27, 2008

Golden Ears TT - 5th Cat 4/5

I managed a 5th in Cat 4/5 at the TT.

  1. MIke Sidic 31:58
  2. Sebastion Salss 32:00
  3. MIchel Pelletier 32:38
  4. Steve Devanter 33:11
  5. Stuart Lynne 33:11
  6. Bill Riley 33:14
Steve beat me by .5 seconds... and Bill Riley on his new TT bike was only 3 seconds behind...

Conditions where cool and dry. Not enough wind to be noticeable.

NPavg was 312 watts, Pavg was 304. Both a little lower than I should have been able to do.

I had a little bit of trouble at the end, a large Winnebago passed me with 1km to go. And then slowed down and came to almost a stop right on the finish line. So instead of doing the last 200m flat out we (another rider I caught up to at the 300m point) had to soft pedal while we tried to figure out what the fine fellow was doing. The marshals did get him off the line eventually, but it probably caused us at least 2-3 seconds or more. Not much we could do though. It's an open course and traffic is consider a "natural" hazard.

A reasonable result though. Now to see what next weeks Warp Speed TT brings. That course is pancake flat. So it favors low CdA with good power (as compared to today where W/kg was more important, favoring people who could climb well.)

The Race the Ridge Crit in the afternoon was fun even though I got spit out the back. Didn't warm up enough and by the time I was up to speed I was gapped. Spent about 15 minutes time trialing around by myself before the main pack finally got close enough that the commisairse pulled us for being (or about to be) lapped. I hope to do more crits this summer. Try to get and do either the Tuesday or Thursday night crits (Tuesday course tougher, small hill, Thursday course flat...) Unfortunately getting to either is almost a two hour drive through rush hour.


Ryan said...

Welcome to the Ryan Method of getting to the WTNC:

1) ride to Lougheed Skytrain Station (20-25 minutes).

2) Skytrain to VCC/Clarke (20-30 minutes)

3) Ride to UBC (35 minutes?).

Race. Return. Relax.

The riding just has to be accounted for as an excellent warm-up. This trick doesn't work as well for the Thursday nighters.

Are you aware of the Phoenix Velo races in Mission, though?