Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bontrager CRR - Biketechreview

Our good friends over at biketechreview posted some CRR numbers for Bontrager Tubes and Tires.

Race X Lite Tubes comparison:

Mich Pro 2 Light/Mich Latex (22/23) tube, ----, 0.00266
Mich Pro 2 Light/Bontrager RXL Butyl (18/25) tube, 65, 0.00292
And Bontrager XXX Lite Tire:
RXXXL (22)/Mich (18/20), 21.7, 0.00281
I'm riding RXL Butyl tubes in the RXXXL tire. So presumably that would mean roughly 0.00307 per tire. They measured higher in the testing last weekend 0.006. I'll have to see what I get with a better session and the iAero when it arrives.

Still, reasonable numbers for a fairly solid ride.