Wednesday, April 2, 2008

RaceTheRidge RR - pre-ride

Another lazy L2 ride. My left knee still bothering me a bit from last weekend (Snake RR climb to be specific..)

R0de out and did a pre-ride on the RaceTheRidge RR course, it looks horrific. About 240m of climbing over 11km loop. Us Cat 4/5's get to do five laps. I predict a split group, with me in the auto-bus.

It's hard to say though. The big climb is 129m over just under 2km, about 6.6% grade. That may be just about long enough to get people out of their one minute power range and closer to their five minute power. If so that may be to my advantage.

Of course they follow that up (without much of a rest) with a second 800m climb at about 5%. Which does favour those with good one minute power.


Mark said...

thanks for the recon. I was hoping that this new route is easier than last year's.