Sunday, September 7, 2008

BCMCA Cobble Hill RR - 2nd

More tire troubles... I had thought (hoped) that the casing was ok, but apparantly not... fortunately I was able to baby it back to the parking lot (where it finally popped...) and swap the tube in lap 3... Lost about 5-7 minutes from the lead group of 50-59's... but still managed a (distant) 2nd... And that was enough points to keep me in first place for the years overall in the 50-54 group.

The 50-59's had started out quite slow. Don Gilmore and Hugh Trenchard on the other hand set a very fast pace and caught us in lap 2 (or 7)... We followed them down to the start/finish and then I was the only one who managed to stay with them on the slow climb back up... Ended up a good minute or two ahead of my group before getting dropped on the small steep hill at the far corner (400m at >9%) 

Then TT'd and stayed off them for about two laps until the tire trouble and my group caught and passed by me. After fixing the tire I had the 30's group just ahead of me and tried in vain to get back onto them. Even getting a boost from Don and Hugh as they lapped the field... but again getting dropped by them on the hill just 50m short of jumping onto the 30's...  That was with 1 lap to go.. From there it was just TT around picking of stragglers from various groups...

So it was a difficult day... lot's of L3 riding and match burning (keeping up with Don and Hugh and 7 times up the hill...)

Cobble Hill RR:
Duration:   1:54:16 (2:00:39)
Work:       1832 kJ
TSS:       172.9 (intensity factor 0.953)
Norm Power: 300
VI:         1.12
Pw:HR:       3.18%
Pa:HR:       1.42%
Distance:   63.649 km
Elevation Gain:     902 m
Elevation Loss:   903 m
Grade:     -0.0 %  (-1 m)
Min Max Avg
Power:       0 964 267 watts
Heart Rate:   0 182 164 bpm
Cadence:     25 134 86 rpm
Speed:       1.8 71.8 33.4 kph
Pace         0:50 33:20 1:48 min/km
Altitude:     142 220 186 m
Crank Torque: 0 99.9 30.4 N-m
Temperature: 24 31 26.8 Celsius