Friday, January 23, 2009

BVC Friday Racing - 2 1st's

[pictures fixed...]

Not so hard and fast this week as it was just us B's....

But I managed a 1st in the Elimination, last in the 4x5 Points and 1st in the 50 lap Scratch. I was still out of breath from the Elimination when we started the 4x5 Points and just didn't feel like fighting to stay with the main group after I got gapped... 

The Scratch race was a nice sedate race compared to last weeks A-B 45 Lap Scratch... Only a couple of fast bits, got my wind and pace going about lap 30 and just followed Ben Cowburn into the finish. Jumped with 1.5 laps to go, took the 1st by (I think) a half wheel to Jeese Reams.

Managed to get to the front of the Elimination to 10 lap Scratch, dropping in front of Ben Cowburn and Steph Rooda. After three eliminations, average speed about 44km/h Ben and Steph came over and I moved up track to aggressively maintain my position. Ben pushed the pace up to about 48km/h and we maintained that positioning for the last three eliminations. Got my heart rate down and was well positioned going into the last 5 laps. Jumped with 2.5 laps to go, but didn't get much (any?) gap, but managed to carry through and take 1st.

Finished the night with a 2km Pursuit practice (about 2:40) and a couple of practice flying 200's.. The 2km time is encouraging. Close to the range for the National Track Champs last year (best 2:36) and without any aero-gear and from a standing start (having to clip in etc..)


Mark said...

I can't click on your graphs. I think you have to fix up your "a" tag.