Sunday, January 18, 2009

Computrainer - TT, Adnans 3 min hills, some L2/L3

About 2.5 hours on the Computrainer... 

Did the 7 Springs 8K TT on the Computrainer again.. with a little more effort and got the time down to 14:10, 20 seconds faster than last week. Still not a gut buster pace though, only 285 Pavg and NPavg the same, which is FTP.

Then did Adnan's 3 minute hills (3 minute ramp from 200 to 290, then 3 minutes rest at 200, repeated 8 times.) 

Finished with some L2 for 20 minutes, then about 20 minutes of L2/L3.

CTL finally starting to inflect up... with luck I hope to maintain an increase of about 6 points per week to get to over 80 by the first week in March (start of Spring Series.)