Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Computrainer - VO2Max Ramp test and L2/L3 2kloop

I did the VO2Max ramp test (start at 100watts, increase load 30 watts every 3 minutes until you fall over...) and then 2kloop with L2+ high and low cadence drills on the hills

Last October I was able to finish the 300 watt section, 

Today got through the 330 watt load. Pavg for that section was 344 watts. So that is estimated VO2Max wattage. 

That agrees reasonably well wtih Coggans table that estimates VO2Max from FTP (102-120% of FTP... 1.2 * 290 is 348...

Finished with 1.25 hours L2/L3 using my 2kloop, with the high and low cadence drills (18 laps.)