Sunday, January 11, 2009

Computrainer - 8KTT and mucho L3

An old standby today, 7 Springs 8KTT... 14:30 which I think might be a personal best... which was a bit suprising as I wasn't pushing that hard... But apparantly my best time back on 2007 was 14:56 and 14:54.. 

Then did an hour and a half of my 2k loop (22 laps). Non-paced, left the pacer at 175 and lapped him twice. Anyway, the poing was to put a long workout in with high TSS... Only had two hours available so had to do it as L3 instead of longer L2...  The 2K loop has a couple of short "hills" and I did the second standing for most laps.. typically 30-40 pedal strokes, to build strength.