Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Race Insurance - pays off...

You pay your hundred (plus) bucks a year for a race license. Locally, from Cycling BC... And one of the benefits is insurance. This is mostly 3rd party liability in case you run over some bystanders while racing etc... 

But it also has some limited benefits to help cover expenses if you get injured competing. Today I finally got a payout for my crash last year at the 6-day (broken collarbone..) I was out of pocket about $2600 for various expenses, mostly physio and paying for an MRI. The physio was capped at $1000, but I still got a payout just under $2000. 

So, apperently, the race insurance does have some benefits.

Just remember, you have one year, from the date of the injury, to submit all of your expenses. Keep track of everything and don't loose any receipts. You'll need to forward copies to the claims adjuster.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad it worked out for you. It seems CyclingBC got new insurers. When I broke my collarbone racing in March 2006, the insurer was Glencairn. Despite submitting all my receipts, I received only $410 which I was told was the maximum payout for a broken collarbone. Much of my physiotherapy and massage therapy was not covered by that amount.

My biggest complaint was that the insurance only covered (up to a maximum) treatment in the year immediately following the accident. I was still in the treatment of an orthopaedic surgeon in September 2007 due to waiting lists to get to MRI and to get to see a specialist. I can easily see how a more severe injury would require treatment well beyond the one year period. I hope the new insurance extends that time limit.

I considered my insurance only a little better than useless, but required for the third party liability as you note.

At least when I got hit by a car, I got paid every penny from ICBC and didn't have to make a claim through the CyclingBC insurance.

Bill Riley