Friday, November 28, 2008

BikeRadar on Aero savings

BikeRadar has a great article up on Aero Savings.

Key points from the article:
  • Position: Going from drops to aerobars will save you ~30 watts at 40km/h
  • Bike: A time trial bike will save you ~20 watts over a road bike with clip-ons at 40km/h
  • Helmet: A time trial helmet will save you ~10 watts over a road helmet at 40km/h
I'm not sure about how rigourous the tsting protocols where, they mention changes in wheelsets and clothing between the indoor and outdoor tests. And while they give a price/watts number for wheelset changes they don't mention actual watts savings for wheelset changes elsewhere...

But still an interesting read and probably a good first approximation of savings.


whareagle said...

Stuart - were you able to glean from the BikeRadar article the aero savings for a cyclist, on a road bike, on the horns or in the drops, and the only difference being the helmet (standard vs. aero)? I've seen some riders in winter actually racing with their aero helmets outdoors, and I was wondering if the aero efficiency might be worth the double-takes from any fellow competitors.