Sunday, November 16, 2008

BVC Bare Bones - Sunday - 6x10 Points

6x10 Points Race

Took the 2nd sprint. After the third sprint had a very minor close call on the blue, rubbed shoulders. I moved up and back-pedalled. That caused my chain to pop off..

Coasted down while Jeremie instructed all the other rides to neutralize and go high up to the blue line. With some help from Bruce Denis, got stopped in the pit zone. Put the chain back on and got back in with about 1-2 laps to spare.

Took the last sprint with a nice jump over the top. NIck Smit had taken enough points to get 1st. I got 2nd overall.

First half of the face had a reasonable pace, about 46.5km/h. The group was a little slower after the mechanical and never quite got their momentum back, averaging about 44km/h.