Friday, November 21, 2008

Caffein enhances recovery..

Another caffeine study reported in Velonews... to add to the many reasons to indulge in our favourite (we hope) performance enhancing drug...

They report on a study that used (large) doses of caffeine after hard and long exercise sessions in trained athletes.
Blood glucose and blood insulin levels were also higher with the caffeine and carbohydrate test dose, and glucose transport into the muscle may also have been enhanced with the caffeine. “There was a more available pool of glucose and the caffeine may have tricked the glucose into entering the cell,” said Hawley. “Essentially it put more gas or petrol back in the engine.”
As Velonews points out though, the dosage used (560mg) is a tad higher than your normal Lattee or Coke product... It remains to be seen if smaller doses work as well.

I still say this is good news to us coffee adicts who complement our exercise (and non exercise) sessions with a capuccino.