Sunday, November 16, 2008

BVC Bare Bones - Friday - 5x10 Points

5x10 Points Race

Sucked wheels at the back for 25 laps... someone got off the front, bridged,  got the sprint at the line.

Next, went over top with 2 to go for the 2nd last sprint. Big gap... easily got 1st for that sprint.

Sat up, hoping 2 (of 5) 1st's would be enough for 1st or 2nd overall... it was.

This is the jump over the top for the 2nd last sprint... On the home stretch with about 2.5 laps to the sprint finish. Nice numbers... You can see even see the 2m elevation drop (although there is a little latency while it registers the change.)

Initial VO2Max jump, six second burst with 2m drop, accelerate from 45 to 54kph, just under 100m. Power peaks at 843 watts.

Tuck into sprinters lane, fourteen seconds with power falling down to 690 watts, speed topping out 60kph, 220m covered. Carry through another 11 seconds, 170m to sprint line, power dropping to about 400w and speed to 53.. 

Total time about 30 seconds with average speed 55.  Assuming the rest of the group got their average speed up to 50, the time differential should have been about 4 seconds (and if I recall, that was about correct.) 

In this sprint I had to moderate my effort so that my heartrate didn't blow up totally...doesn't do any good to take a sprint, but then blow up so bad that the field laps you (down 20 points...)

It almost did, 191 for over ten seconds... But those where with at the end while coasting through the sprint finish... And I had enough time to get it down just enough to tag on ...  

It's helpful to run the numbers on these  (preferrably in practice sessions so you know them.) I can do this from 2.5 laps out (~500m)... but at my present form, if I tried from say 3.5 laps out, my average speed would drop back down to 51kph and the extra time would allow the chasing group to get their speed UP to 51kph... I.e. catch me at the line or before it.

My two weaknesses in exploiting this tactic are not being comfortable getting out of the saddle; in theory (and in practice) if my bike handling skills where better, I would be able to get up and off the saddle and push some higher watts. And second, weak anaerobic system, it would be nice to have another 4-5 seconds at max output and another 10 seconds as I average down... Either would get me another lap before getting caught. Both would get me more.

And finally, it does require some co-operation from the rest of the group... By preference I look for a late sprint, something after 30-40 laps, where the group is getting tired, and hangs back a bit going into the 3-4 lap before the sprint. Then try and move up and get into position just at the right time to go over.. Of course it doesn't always work, if someone at the front lifts the pace it may not be possible to get over or if you do they may be able to stay on your wheel.


Mark said...

Hi Stuart:
Nice race and nice charts. However you are missing an <a> tag for your second picture.