Friday, November 7, 2008

BVC Friday Racing - 1st, 3rd

Strong fields in all three catagories tonight. We had 16 starters in the B group.

First race was a 25 Lap Tempo (1 point per lap for first across the line.) Too short for me, by the time I worked up to the front the front had moved off a half lap. I tried with 4 laps to go to bridge, but it was a bridge too far... Fast pace, I finished a half lap back and had average speed of 47.7 km/h.

Second race was a 4x7 Progressive. Points race but where points are 1 for first sprint; 2, 1 for the secone, 3,2,1 for the third, 5,3,2,1 for the fourth etc.. I managed to work to the front, the front was still there... and got a fantastic position, just back and up from the front with 3-4 laps to go. The front runners had slowed down a bit and no one was interested in jumping at 3 laps. With two laps to go I had moved up over the blue and went over the top. Got a big gap(!!) jumping over with the big gear coming down from the blue. With 1 lap to go I looked back and there was no one in sight on the home stretch. So I feathered and just rode around to finish. That got me a 1st overall as well. Another fast paced race, 47.6 km/h.

Last was a 30 lap Snowball. I managed to get two laps about lap 17... sThen there was a crash so the race was halted for about five minutes. Getting started again was tough. All the young guys where fresh again and just sprinted for the last 13 laps... I did manage to get one more,  should have been two but someone nipped me at the line. Anyway, was still enough to get me a 3rd.