Saturday, November 29, 2008

BVC Friday Racing - 3rd and nothing and nothing

Elimination to 15 Lap Scratch - 3rd, then 20 Lap Tempo and Unknown distance..

I really tried in the Elimination... stayed at the front.. worked hard. Then in the scratch race portion jumped from the blue with three laps to go.. Got a good gap, I thought sufficent. 

But Deluca and Roorda managed to get over the gap and come around me in turn four in the bell lap. And just at the point they caught me my front wheel decided to exhibit a really bad case of "speed wobble".. I have no idea what causes this, but when it happens it feels like your front wheel is about to fall off.. I suspect that it is setup from hittling a "bump" on the track (our track has lot's) that sets up a sympathetic vibration at sprinting speeds (> 55).

Anyway, worst possible time, I'm being overtaken and don't know if the front wheel is about to fall off.. Well I was pretty sure it wouldn't... but still the 2-3 seconds it took to decide that was all it took for them to get over top and around me... Good chance they would have anyway, I was slowing down.

The result though was a very hard push at the end of the race.. and for some reason, possibly low humidity, my lungs felt like they would fall out... I had used my puffer, so it didn't turn into a coughing fit... but I literally didn't get my breathing back to normal for about an hour..

And the next two races where a total write off. Simply off the back in the 20 lap tempo. Did get sort of get going in the Unknown distance... but that's always a crapshoot and only managed like 6th...  

I did two fairly hard workouts earlier this week, Tuesday morning was the structured Workeout (Points race drill) and Wednesday I did some short L4/L5 intervals.. I suspect that this was a bit too much intensity and didn't help tonights performance (i.e. lack thereof...).

Anyway, it's always a matter of balance... keep CTL up, good (long term)... but if you move ATL up too much, too close to race night... not good (short term..)