Sunday, November 16, 2008

BVC Bare Bones - Friday - Elimination to 10 lap scratch

Elimination to 10 lap Scratch Race

Sixteen starters, eliminating down to eight riders.

I managed to jump to the front and maintain a good solid +45kph pace for about 10 laps.. Michael Walker jumped over me at that point to lead for a few laps.. Then Alex Pope jumped over both of us (both where escaping the scrum at the back...) I followed Alex to the end of the eliminations (2 more I think).

I then sat at the back sucking wheels and getting my heart rate down for a few laps. Then moved up to the blue (reasonably easy going with only eight people on the track.)

Steph Roorda jumped over me from way up by the rail with 3.5 laps go to... Good gap, 40m... I bridged up to her (I don't think anyone else did, there didn't seem to be anyone behind me) with about 1 lap to go... Followed her to finish... But simply could not quite get past her.  She took it with about 1-2 inches...

The final sprint was 3.5 laps. 44 seconds. Hit +60 and +800 watts. Trailing down to about 55kph and 440 watts at the finish.