Friday, November 21, 2008

BVC Friday Night - Kierins zip, Scratch 1st

Kierins and a 20 Lap Scratch...

Thought a smaller gear, 51x15 might be appropriate for the Kierin... it wasn't.. spun out chasing Anselmo and Scott around the last half lap... Cadence about 139, speed just over 60. Scott about 4 bike lengths ahead, Anselmo at least that much and a bit more in front of Scott ( think I was just rounding turn four when Anselmo was crossing the finish line). Note to self, leave the 51x14 on next time...

Made up for it in the 20 lap scratch race. Normally I don't do well in a short scratch... I stayed at or near the front from the beginning. first on the rail, first aound for the neutral lap, instead of moving to back, just drop back a few riders and get a shoulder draft just above the red. When possible find a hole and drop in.

Fast paced... except for one slightly slower lap. Average speed for 15 laps about 48km/h. Anthony King then jumped with about 4.5 to go and I managed to get onto his wheel. Followed him around until the bell rang. Went over to easily get 1st.

Finished the night trying out the 52x14. Still feels sluggish. Up to a point as I move the size up I can spin lower to push out whatever watts are required for a specific speed. But too high and I can't quite get on top of it and get to an appropriate speed. Instead of spinning too high, spinning too low. It felt better tonight than the last time I tried (about a month ago). Might be interesting to try in a Friday night race. Especially if I can get a bit more strength into my legs.