Sunday, November 16, 2008

BVC Bare Bones - Sunday - 50 Lap Scratch

50 Lap Scratch Race

The leading omnium racers sprint for podium position in the final scratch race of the Omnium.

A fairly sedate 44km/h race for the first 40 laps... With the occasional bump up ... Stayed at the back for almost the entire race. Only 11-12 riders.

With about 10 laps to go I moved towards the front and high on the blue looking for Steph Roorda and David Gerth. 

I could do no worse then 2nd overall in the Ominium. David could take 1st if he beat me by more than a couple of places and Steph could move into 2nd if she took 1st and David finished well down.

With about 6-7 to go we where all lined up, Steph, David and myself... With about 5 to go Alex Pope lead us all out getting us very quickly from 45km/h to about 54km/h... With about 2 to go Steph lead us over Alex getting our speed up to 60km/h. David and I followed her around and managed to get over her for the final sprint. 

Finishing David Gerth 1st, myself 2nd and Steph Roorda 3rd. Gerth had almost a bike length, I had at best inches over Roorda.