Tuesday, January 1, 2008

BVC 2008-01-01 B Elimination

B-Group Elimination.

Rider eliminated every two laps, down to three riders, then three laps to finish sprint.

The average speed during the elimination portion of the race was 46.1 kph, with a sprint about every 34 seconds... lots of opportunities to burn matches.. (See the gray fast finds in the chart.)

By keeping at or near the front I was able to minimize to some extent the number of maximal efforts, and was able to stay in for the final finish sprint.

Initially I was well positioned behind two national women track champs... but they where much better at tactics than I was... With exactly two laps to go they pulled up to the blue, a move I didn't quite catch and was forced to go under and then pull up. Which left me blind.

With one lap to go they jumped under me getting a two bike length gap which I couldn't quite get back.

Don't mind loosing against smart riders like that.

Update: 2008-01-15, here's the video.