Tuesday, January 1, 2008

BVC 2008-01-01 B Points

Very hard race!

Missed out on the first sprint, too far back when the front started to ramp up for the sprint.

Same for the second sprint. Finally managed to get well positioned for the third, managing to go high and over from four back to take the sprint with inches to spare.

Rested for the next sprint, but then it was make or break, so managed to come from a fair distance back, over the top, staying out of the sprinters lane to take the sprint. That left me winded but, at that point, in the lead on points (10 to 8 for the next rider.)

I knew I needed at least one more sprint, with two to go. And planned to wait for the last sprint. But with a lap and a half to go I was in a very good position at the rail, which would allow me to dive and get a good gap for the sprint. So I went and took that sprint.

But that effort really did kill me... but with three 1st sprints I was reasonably sure I would get 1st or 2nd as long as I didn't get lapped.

Alex Pope was helpful, by pulling out to the front to keep one of the other race leaders from taking the sprint. Louis Bernard also helped by giving me a wheel to follow and keep my speed up to keep from being lapped.

Final result was 1st, by 2 points.

Update: 2008-01-15, here's the video