Friday, January 11, 2008

Back to the computrainer

Amazing how fast CTL drops...

Anyway, spent an easy hour on the Computrainer tonight. Shoulder was reasonably comfortable, although I was careful not to put any pressure on it. Turns out to be a tad difficult to switch gears though unless you do use your right hand.

What was (and still is, probably a bit more due to exercise) sore is the ribs.

The road rash (right stomach over the kidney and top of shoulder ...) is also a bit sore. More bothersome is keeping the dressing clean and dry. Whatever else you do when on the Computrainer, you sweat like a pig.

Anyway, immediate goal is to stop the CTL dropping and then see if we can get in shape enough to do some of the Escape Velocity Spring series (9 days of racing over 5 weekends in March...) Assuming my ortho-surgeon doesn't object too much. Apparently they really don't like it if you fall and break your collarbone with the hardware from the previous break still in place.

I figure as long as I stick to dry days, and take reasonable precautions, C group racing in spring series shouldn't be too bad. Just stay out of the middle of the pack and don't contest the sprints.
They are still good workouts, and if I'm not trying to finish for a sprint I could actually have some fun going off the front to get some TT'ing in :-)

Which would actually confuse the C group who tend to chase down anyone who tries to go off the front. But properly motivated I could have some fun. Assuming of course I can get my CTL back up in eight weeks.