Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cast clinic - xrays look good

Well, my ortho-surgeon thought the x-rays looked good. Personally, being slightly squeamish about these things, I thought the "device" they put in my collar bone looked like something you might see in the hands of 14th century torturer :-)

It is a long strip of metal, say about 1"x5", with about 4 1" screws at the top end, all quite close together. And another 4 or 5 screws at the other end, spread over about 3".

Anyway, he says, no exercise or physio for another four weeks. To quote:

Don't do anything you shouldn't do...
Funnily enough, I know exactly what he means...

On the day of the surgery he had thought the plate they where putting in would have to be removed. Apparently they went with a different one that can stay in.

I asked about re-injuries with plate, he said it would be best not to crash again. I think (hope) he had tongue in cheek. He is a sport med specialist (luck of the draw) so I don't think he really expects that I won't be racing again.