Monday, January 7, 2008

BVC 2008 6-day - day 3 - 1st and crashed

Finally getting a chance to make an entry for Thursday..

Managed a 1st in the first race, a 6x10 points race. I'll add a blog entry with graphs for that when I get a chance and can type better.

I was doing really well in the second race, a scratch. Leading the sprint in the bell lap I went a little to high and Tony Zachary who was going over top came down a bit, we bumped shoulders and boom, both went down, at about 55kph.

Tony took the bigger hit, was knocked out, and may require surgery on one hand.

I took the hit on my right shoulder and broke my collarbone quite high up. Had surgery on Saturday to have a plate put in.

So between the pain and the T3's typing has been a bit difficult..

I won't be able to train this week because of the dressing (can't shower easily and probably not to good an idea to get it too sweaty.)

But I hope to get on the Computrainer next week.

The good (well sort of :-) ) news was the new video system I have been working on to tape track races was on and we have the whole race and crash on video. I'll post the link once we get everything pushed up to google video. I have about 40GB of mpeg2 files, and at best I can upload about 1GB per day from home. So I'm looking at re-compression and then getting access to a high speed pipe for upload.

Now I know what it's like to be hit by an ex-NFL player (just kidding Tony!)