Sunday, March 9, 2008

EV Spring Series - Armstrong Road - 12th C group

Kept up with the first break on the first climb. Well almost, within 200m and did manage to quickly bridge across to the break after the climb. That was about 14 riders out of the 50 odd starters.

That group split again the second time around, with 5 guys getting off leaving the rest of us. I managed to stay with the chase for another couple of laps. Then another EV rider and I dropped back a bit on the climb.

We got caught by the main C group with one lap to go (7 laps total). I stayed at the front of that group to sprint (at the top of the climb) to a resounding 12th overall (first in our group, but about 10-11 riders ahead of us in the breakaway and chase groups.)

Generally felt better than last year. But still have problems with this type of course. Short bursts of power in the 1-2 minute range. Which is about the worst part of my power profile (it's a toss up whether 5 sec or 1 min is worse, both hover in the top of "Untrained" or the bottom of "Fair".) So I tend to suffer on the climb. Then if I have anyone to work with I can generally bridged back using my 5 min power (which generally is in the "Moderate" or "Good" range, about 4.7 w/kg.)

Unlike the crash fest last week (River Road) pretty much all riders managed to keep the rubber side down and on the road this weekend.