Monday, March 17, 2008

New Wheels - Aeolus 5.0

My new Bontrager Aeolus 5.0 wheel set arrived last week in time for me to try them out in the Bradner race. With, I think, acceptable results.

Here is a photo of them in action on Sunday. That's Bill Riley in the foreground (blue VeloVets jersey.) We have a friendly competition going to see who can do the VeloVets 10k TT the fastest. I'm still ahead by about 20 seconds. He has been showing some very good conditioning these past few weeks, sprinting past me in Zero Ave course to take a fifth (leaving me with sixth.)

The Bontrager recommended tire, 22mm, is their Race XXX Lite, which I ordered in for the new wheel set. They are strangely asymmetrical with a White side-wall on the drive side and a solid Black on the other (left) side.

I'm sure there is some logical explanation of this color scheme, but so far nobody has advanced one :-)


Ryan said...

So the podium position was all wheels? :P

In explaining the asymmetrical sidewalls, I can only quote an old bike-shop owner:

"They're for selling."

Stuart Lynne said...

Well they are presumably a little faster than the previous (Race Lite Aero) wheel set...

I'm pretty much indifferent to the color scheme (although we can take it as proven that Red bikes do go faster...) it's just interesting to get peoples reaction to the weirdness. And I really want to know what the "official" explanation is :-)