Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Heritage Intervals

All about intervals today, 2x20 L3, 6x10s L7, 2x5 L5.

Was supposed to do more of the L7 (10) and L5 (3) intervals. But my shoulder was bothering me doing the high watt sprints (lots of body movement, including shoulders...I swear I can feel the plate.. ) and I was running out of daylight. Even with daylight savings it is hard to get a three hour workout in after work. Did do 2:10.

I felt a bit off both yesterday and today, it was like pulling teeth to get the watts up.

Not sure what to do this weekend. I'd like to try the new Snake race course. But I'd also like to do well on the Bradner Course on Sunday. I've done it three times and have yet to finish with the group. It has three small climbs that follow a 90 degree turn. So this plays into both of my worst abilities.

First I drop 3-4 places going through the turn. Then I have to keep up with the short mini-sprint up the climb. For the first few laps there is almost always another bike or two to follow back into the group. Second or third climb in lap four all of those riders have been dropped and I have to work back into the group on my own.

I've been dropped in almost exactly the same place every time I've done it (lap four, third turn. So it's a bit of a grudge match. I would *really* like to finish in the group.. But if I work to keep up with the lead group on the Snake on Saturday I won't have much form left on Sunday.

The current forecast is showing a slight advantage to Sunday (rain vs. possible showers). I won't do the Snake if it is raining. It is (other than the climb) the same course as the Armstrong Road course. We did it last year in the rain. The descent is NOT fun when wet. Not too mention doing a sharp climb with wet gear (adds a couple of kg) slows you down considerable.