Sunday, March 16, 2008

EV Spring Series - Bradner - 3rd C

Cool and dry day today. About 50+ starters in the C-group.

This course is 8.8km long with about 125m of climbing. The way it is staged we end up doing almost an extra half lap so that the finish line can be at the top of the course.

In the C group we reduced the field down to 20-30 riders by the end of the second lap. And then continued to shed riders off the back until there where about a dozen of us left for the bell lap.

The finish is nice, a long several km leadout to a straight in finish. I was right at the front, and with a little over a km to go we started to catch a pair of lapped riders. I thought we where only about 600m and decided to jump from there. Got a bit of a gap, but I think I dragged a couple of other riders along. Two came over top of me about 30m from the finish. I stayed on to take 3rd.

It was too early to jump, but I was not liking the idea of having those riders in front of us as we wound up the speed. Still not a bad result.

I was a course marshall yesterday for the Snake RR, so didn't get to do that one. The good news was fresh legs and a close to zero TSB for today.