Monday, March 31, 2008

EV Spring Series - preliminary Stage Race results - 3rd

It looks like I got a third overall in the stage race..

447 Richardson 42
515 Holatko 29
405 Lynne 26
531 Lachance 16
401 Cassidy 15
534 Hanniman 9
406 Fabishce 8
448 Ball 5
Still preliminary results though, as the 6-10 finishers in the RR where not recorded. I added my 8th place 5 points in to the above, and it appears to be impossible for anyone to catch me (6th place only gets you 7 points.)

Preliminary TT results also posted. I was 21 out of 99 riders.

The top C group finishers:
405 Lynne 16:22
447 Richardson 17:40
515 Holatko 18:04
534 Hanniman 18:24
406 Fabishce 18:43
401 Cassidy 20:00
531 Lacmance 20:38

If I had been racing in the B-Group I would have taken 3rd:
282 Rothengater 15:17
244 Manning 15:59
382 Stead 16:24
275 Van Gaans 16:56
279 Routley 16:59
248 Sidic 17:01
306 Broemelin 17:02
A very impressive ride by Mike Rothegater. The gap to Van Gaans is about right. If I recall I beat him by about the same in last years Warp Speed TT.

The A-group of course had some fast riders. 16:22 was about mid-way down the list of 22. Top numbers:

33 Briton 14:58
10 Tolkamp 15:10
1 Abercrombie 15:25
32 Noiles 15:26
22 Campbell 15:29


John Tolkamp at 15:10 was 70 seconds ahead of me. Which is about the same difference for the Ryder 8K from last year.

Johnathon Gormick (A-Group) managed to get the same time (16:22). I was typically about 10-15 seconds faster than him last summer in the Ryder 8K TT's.

Jeff Ains (A-Group) was 16:29. Again I was about the same time as him at the Ryder 8K last year (although I only see one result for him.)

Chris Reid (A-Group) was 15:56. Except for one (anomalous?) finish, he was typically 15-20 seconds faster at the Ryder 8k TT (two results).

Assuming that they also did the other races and where about the same for freshness it would indicate that I'm reasonably close to where I need to be. No surprises, either good or bad.

The first "official" (i.e. sanctioned) TT of the year is LocalRide's Race the Ridge 24K TT in three weeks. It is also part of a stage race (2nd race, Sunday morning.) So will also be done "fatigued". I had terrible numbers in that last year. The problem was Tufo tires on Zipp 404 wheelset. They cost me over two minutes. So I'm looking forward to see what I can do this year.


Ryan said...

The important part of this post is that it gave me some great material for taunting Jeff Ain.