Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Anmore Tour - SST

More SST work. I made an effort to increase cadence on all the hard bits (i.e. when ever not actually going down hill > 2% grade...)

For the first hour avg. cadence was 77 compared to 73 for last Thursday. This hopefully will help bring up my anaerobic power. The immediate effect was to put me back by about 2 minutes week to week (i.e. I arrived at my one hour landmark about 2 minutes late...), TSS was up for that (99 vs 91) and overall I felt worse.

The first indication of problems was twitching calf muscles. Which usually don't happen until about 1:30 started at about 1:00. And continued after every short hard (high wattage, > 450) climb. Probably lactic acid build up.

Entire workout (228 watts):

Duration: 2:44:03 (2:50:53)
Work: 2239 kJ
TSS: 242.2 (intensity factor 0.941)
Norm Power: 292
VI: 1.28
Pw:HR: n/a
Pa:HR: n/a
Distance: 62.705 km
Elevation Gain: 1636 m
Elevation Loss: 1668 m
Grade: -0.1 % (-32 m)
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 800 228 watts
Cadence: 25 141 70 rpm
Speed: 2.4 61.9 22.9 kph
Pace 0:58 25:00 2:37 min/km
Altitude: 0 270 81 m
Crank Torque: 0 110.2 33.1 N-m
Temperature: 11 21 12.1 Celsius


Colin Griffiths said...

After seeing this earlier on, I came back for a second look. That was one hard ride, 0.94IF for nearly 3 hours! I'm not suprised that you had twitching muscles. Do you intend to check whether FTP has gone up? Out of interest, how long do you expect to need for recovery? Also is TSB really still positive whilst you are building CTL? I think that we are doing similar things and I find these posts both very interesting and motivating, thanks!

Stuart Lynne said...

I have been having the twitching calf muscles for some time. And still trying to determine exactly and precisely how and why. The interesting thing about yesterdays ride was that I intentionally tried to increase cadence and (apparently) that may have contributed as the twitches started much earlier. Less than an hour into the ride. The Cedar RR a few weeks ago was early as well, about 70 minutes into race, but on that day I had also put in a half hour warmup from the ferry to the race.

Yes TSB goes positive, right now ATL is not too much higher than CTL. So two days off is pretty much all it takes to get a positive TSB. Also means that rate of increase of CTL is quite low. Perhaps 1TSS point a week or less.

It would be higher but it has been hard to get the time on the bike between racing and rain and work etc.

And yes that is a hard ride. It is intended to be as close to "race" pace as I can get without actually having someone else to chase.

Colin Griffiths said...

Thanks for the reply, not sure what to say about the twitching though. With these things I usually just work through them and then one day I realise that they have gone away. I should have worked out the CTL v ATL ratio, but I guess that's my inexperience showing!