Saturday, June 28, 2008

Neeves Road 13km TT practice

Hot day today, so waited until it started to cool down in the late afternoon and drove over to Pitt Meadows for a practice TT on Neaves Road.

Conditions where (other than being a little warm) almost perfect.. Only the barest puff of wind from the south (maybe gusting as high as 1km/hr...) I had the iAero mounted so spent the first hour doing coast downs and a 4-mile ride etc. I havn't had a chance to review that yet.

Finished with a practice 12.8km TT. Fairly good time at 17:38. Avg speed 43.6km/hr. Pavg 341 watts, NPavg 343 watts.

This was on the P2c, Aero Helmet, etc. But only the Aeolus 5.0 wheelset.

I have to glue up the Zipp disc for next weekends VVV 10km TT. And I'll use that and the Aeolus 6.5 front on this course. Presumably the deeper front and disc on the back should take off a bit.

I'm also hoping that I can use the iAero over the next month to optimize my position a bit.

Update: I went back to the files and looked up my best time for VVV 10km TT. It was 13:48 with Avg speed of 43.8km/hr for July 14/2007. The above time looks very close to that. So with luck I may be able to match or beat that time next weekend.