Monday, June 30, 2008

Time trialing article from Charles Howe

Charles Howe has a nice writeup with some suggestions on TimeTrialing... and an accompaning article here ib his own experiences at Presque Isle.

I especially liked the comments...

A few years ago, the author went a bit too wide and nearly off the right edge of the road at this innocuouslooking bend, possibly due in part to a gust of wind. Remember that a TT bike, with a rear disc or wheel cover and a deep-section wheel in front, will get pushed around a bit, so allow yourself some extra margin for error.

You shouldn’t be able to sprint at the end of a TT – if you can, then you didn’t go hard enough – but it’s a good idea to hold a little bit in reserve, then begin to expend it from right about here (1.75 miles to go) to the finish line.