Thursday, June 26, 2008

Busy week....

Busy week, just not all on the bike :-(

On Tuesday Michel Pelletier came over and we did a Lactate Balance test.... This tells me that about 140-144 heart rate I can remove lactate acid from the blood as fast as I am producing it. Roughly speaking with a power output of perhaps 180-200 watts. The theory is that perhaps doing more training at this end of the spectrum I can increase my aerobic power output.

In other words, since I don't have a big anaerobic capacity... see if I can generate more watts aerobically before going anaerobic.

On Wednesday I did a run out Barnett and then up SFU. Concentrating on keeping heart rate down and keeping cadence up. My benchmark time for this workout is about 36 minutes, so 39 minutes actually not that slow. Avg HR was 150 with Pavg at 254 watts and NPavg 262. Very easy pace. No hard breathing at any point.

Today I was pressed for time and did some quick hill climbing on Westwood. The first climb up
Plateau drive with low power (l3, about 280 watts) for 16 minutes... The second up Johnson at a higher pace (a young cat 1/2 rider passed me at the bottom and it was like a magnet pulling me a long :-) Luckily he was just, for him, spinning up...). About 7 minutes with Pavg about 300 watts....

Finished with some more quick hills at the top of Westwood on the Port Moody side. Getting home just after dark... 9:30PM..

I've decided to skip the popullaire next week. My shoulder is still causing me a lot of problems. And long rides appear to aggrevate it a lot. So for the time being I'm trying to limit rides to a max of about 2.5 hours and try and do the physio exerscises a bit more assidously. This was a pre-existing problem that was made a lot worse from the broken collarbone and surgery in January... I started physio in March for general rehab from the surgery. But the focus has been on the other condition since about May..