Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cypress HC - 42:25

Definitely slower than last year... not sure why. It was warm and very high humidity... Not sure that is the explanation.. I used the TT bike and power numbers seemed good, about 328 Pavg. But that didn't translate into better time.

Bill Reilly and Michel Pelletier both put in better times (just under and just over over 38 minutes...)


Bill Riley said...


Don't be too tough on yourself. That's a tough climb in any weather. My data shows the youger guys had ramped the speed up to 48 kph before we even started climbing. I wouldn't be surprised to hear we had lost some off the back before the hill started.

Using my normal spot for measuring Cypress climbs (the 2 km marker about 100 metres past the worksyard), I set a personal best of 35:12. My goal had been to break 36:00. Although 35:12 is my new pb in a group setting, my pb for a completely solo climb is 37:23. Having some fast wheels to hold on to is a real blessing in disguise; it hurts a lot but it's faster.

My remaining climbing goals for this year are to break 46:00 on Seymour and break 10:00 solo to the first lookout (I did 10:33 in 2007).

Since I have so much Cypress data, I should try my TT bike up thersome time to compare. I think my tt position might be too weight-forward to allow me to climb as well as I do on my road bike, regardless of power output.

Unfortunately, I will miss the 05 July VVV Iona TT, but you will still have Michel to deal with , unless he is back east at Nationals.