Sunday, June 8, 2008

Atomic RR

A fairly small field for Cat 4/5 today at the Atomic RR, about 35. Pace was a little slower than last week's Westside Classic. Managed to hang in for three laps of six. Then dropped off with Dave Kosick. We eventually caught with another three riders and finished without being lapped.

I did manage to set a new best (for this season) one minute power of 518 watts on one of the climbs. Which gets me all the way up to the middle of the Cat 5 range in the Power Profile chart. Hey, at least 5sec and 1min ARE both trending up :-)

Michel Pelletier and I did some laps of the Bradner RR course after as a cool down ride and compensate for some of the missed days (rain) early in the week.


Anonymous said...


Have you seen the official results for this race posted anywhere?

You mention that you rode with Michel, but I never saw him in the race. Was he in VVV kit?

I look forward to the next Iona TT. I think I have got that course figured out. In that wind I was about 40 seconds slower than my best time, but I note that you were about a minute slower than your best time. I'll get you yet.

Bill Riley