Saturday, June 7, 2008

VeloVets Iona 10K TT - 14:42

Not raining today, but very very brisk wind coming off the ocean. About 30km/h. This helps on the out bound leg but really hurts coming back.

This course is primarily east/west, but has a short (800m) section that is north / south. And that kind of wind makes life interesting going across it with deep dish wheels. You can see the drop in speed in the outbound leg for that section.

I managed to finish just seconds ahead of Bill Riley (14:47) and Michel Pelletier (14:52). It's going to be a tough summer trying to stay ahead of these guys.

Power at 325 watts avg (NP identical) is not too bad but could be better. Pretty much the same as this time last year. Last year though we had the Ryder 8km TT every two weeks from about the beginning of May. And that was helping to build up my power. I would be out doing more Neaves Road practice 10k TT's but the weather has been simply abysmal for the last month.

Hopefully June will be better and I can get back on track. The goal is to be able to do better than 335 Pavg for the Squamish 36k ITT in August. Which should get me down to under 52 minutes...

Tomorrow is Atomic... probably more soloing off the back. The hills are not as long as last week, but there are more of them...