Sunday, June 1, 2008

Westside Classic - last but finished at least

Again with the hills that the younger crowd can sprint up... leaving me in the dust.. TT'd to the finish. At least I didn't get lapped in the process.

I appear to be ahead of schedule for raising CTL and FTP, but my anaerobic power seems to be slightly worse than this time last year.. at least for higher than one minute.. Short term (say under 30 seconds) is I think better. I'm feel stronger over short sprints (e.g. short hills like last week's Cedar RR). But Deep Cove and Westside both saw me worse off than last year.

Someone got this picture, I think this is on the climb. Thanks to Mark Wan for pointing it out.

N.B. Cool white-walls!

And Alex Pope found this one.

Where did the white-walls go :-)

Thanks to whoever took these and uploaded to flickr. For more photos see here.


Ryan said...

Train your weaknesses.

I can't imagine two more punitive trials for you than the WTNCs or the Thursday Nighters, as both are races with a high potential for anaerobic wackiness.

Well, maybe match sprints.

Mark said...

One of the impressive things I saw was how you TT away from the six of us riding paceline after we caught you at Imperial Drive.
I need more 5 min power too as I was unable to hang in with the faster cat 4 boys. Do you think doing TT pace and/or long intervals up Cypress help?